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Oh would that I just vanish for a while,Can I just skip,Where I am and who am I?For a while, free my heart of all those hopes and lies,Breath and hold for a while,Be able to let go of this heaviness and sigh,Leave all things behind and rise,Can I for a while, just lie andContinue reading “POEM”


How does it feel to crave and obtain the craving?How does it make you win the trophy?What about fantasies and dreams?Speak, speak how does it feel to be, loved for once?And I will make you aware of,What yearnings and blankness are alike?How to mourn on the shallowness of your being,Surrender to the darkness and shrink,ToContinue reading “Poem”


Hello, my beautiful reader, it’s been so long I have written anything but today I was feeling anxious so I thought to let it out through writing. I have a stage phobia that’s why I never participated in school or college functions, but now we have a SPRING FESTIVAL at university which is starting tomorrowContinue reading “HOW AM I GONNA DO THIS?”

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